Florida Straits, Gregory Byrd, Clearwater, 2005


Night Windows, Susan Lilley, Orlando, 2006


Music in Arabic, Mary Jane Ryals, Tallahassee, 2006


Many Loves, Michael Hettich, Miami, 2007


Our Keen Blue House, Michael Trammell, Tallahassee, 2008


Better Accidents, Kate Sweeney, Tampa, 2009


My Grandfather Singing, Jesse Millner, Ft. Myers, 2010


The Mermaid Postcard, Cole Bellamy, Tampa, 2010


A Tiny Hunger, Laura Sobbott Ross, Sorrento, 2011


Girls Turned Like Dials, Liz Robbins, Tallahassee, 2012


The Magician’s Daughter, Meryl Stratford, Hallandale Beach, 2013


Dive, Heather Sellers, Tampa, 2014,


Looking for Water, Wendy Buffington, New Port Richey, 2015


Things I See in the Fire, Lenny DellaRocca, 2018


Heartbroke and Lucky, Jane Terrell, Tallahassee, 2019




Message on a Branch, Sharon Scholl, Atlantic Beach, 2007


Blue Slumber, Gianna Russo, Tampa, 2007


Soaked, Nyssa Hanger, Tampa, 2007


Mystery of the Root, Robert S. Carr, Orlando, 2008


Four Steps Off the Path, Richard Downing, Hudson, 2009


A Last Glance, Pamela Hill Epps, Tampa, 2010


Two Voices, One Past, Barbra Nightingale, Hollywood, 2010


Overwintered, Kirsten Holt, Tampa, 2010


Museum of Chairs, Mary Elizabeth Perez, Tampa, 2012


The Upside Down House, Paul David Adkins, Fort Lauderdale, 2012


A Little Book of Light History, Christopher Tozier, Cassia, 2012


Abandon, Melissa Fair, Tampa, 2014


The Only Flesh to Feed You, Brendan Walsh, Fort Lauderdale, 2018


Hat Dancing Blue with Miss Bessie Smith, Earl S. Braggs, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 2018


As They Were, Milton J. Bates, Marquette, Michigan, 2018




The Karma Machine, Melissa Carroll, Tampa, 2011


Night Errands, J. D. Scott, Tampa, 2012


Following Myself Home, George Bishop, St. Cloud, 2013


At Each Moment Air, Aliesa Zoecklein, Gainesville, 2014


Testify, Barbara E. Young, Nashville, Tennessee, 2018




Lassing Park, Peter Meinke, 2011, Poet Laureate of Florida


Music in Arabic, Mary Jane Ryals, 2006, Poet Laureate of Florida’s Big Bend


Epic of the Sandwich Cubano, James Tokley, 2011, Poet Laureate of Tampa


Pink Streets, Helen Pruitt Wallace, 2016, Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg


Descent, Sean Sexton, 2017, Poet Laureate of Indian River County


Falling Apart, Radiant, Mary Jane Ryals, Poet Laureate of Florida's Big Bend, 2018


Opening at Town Shores, Peter Hargitai, Poet Laureate of Gulfport, 2019






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